Isn’t it exciting – Together we have now raised well over $50,000 for the Queensland Flood Appeal. From the stats I have, at last count it was $54,024.

That is an outstanding effort by any measure which we should all be proud of.

As we have reached our target we will soon be dismantling the site. By now you most likely have already donated but if you haven’t, there is still a little time.

Just to recap if you give a donation of $47 or more, directly to the official Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal you will get instant access to a suite of Internet Business Products valued at $3,432.75! These are valuable products from 14 of some of the world’s top Internet Marketers. Even if you get just one good business idea, your donation will repay you tens of times over.

Here is a list of the products:

  • 2 Day Workshop – How to Drive Traffic
  • Twitter for Business Silver Pack
  • How To Use Aweber
  • 1 Day Workshop – How to do a Video Sales Letter
  • Rapid Success Secrets
  • Crack the Internet Code
  • Internet Marketing Magazine
  • Loaves and Fishes Program
  • How to Craft the Greatest Marketing Message on the Planet
  • How to Set Up a Self Hosted TV or Video Channel
  • 12 Steps to Ebay Success
  • The Deal Profiler
  • Learn how one video can generate many visitors, and an ongoing revenue stream
  • Information on hardware, cameras, lighting, microphones and accessories you need to make great videos
  • AdWords Bootcamp – Beginners Pack
  • Billion Dollar Marketing Secrets

More details on each product are available at

Remember, this site is about to come down so you need to act today.

Once again thanks very much for your help. It is good to know that through this challenge, we have started 2011 on such an auspicious note.

Enjoy the journey.


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