By now all of you would be aware of the devastating floods occurring around Australia over the last two weeks. In particular the state of Queensland has been substantially affected with 75% of the area affected by floods. To put some perspective on the magnitude of the problem, the area affected by this disaster is equivalent to the combined area of Germany and France. In other words it is huge – almost beyond comprehension.

Many have lots lives and loved ones. Thousands have lost their homes and businesses. The flow on effect will mean that many jobs will be at risk with some businesses not able to reopen their doors. The next year will be spent rebuilding, not only homes and infrastructure but also lives devastated by the whim of nature.

Naturally our thoughts and prayers are with all of the people affected at this time but I feel it is our duty to step up and do something concrete to help the rebuilding process. Many people have donated to the relief funds and this is only to be encouraged.

For my part I also would like to contribute, but like any good marketer I would like to do it in a leveraged way and to that end, I need your help.

As you know I have recently finished writing my book “Make Money From Internet Marketing”. This is a step by step guide to creating membership sites both as a passive income strategy for individuals and as a tool for businesses to grow their community of clients. I believe that everybody can benefit from the years of knowledge summarised in this book and regardless of the cause, it is a valuable asset.

This is what I would like to do. As a first step I will donate 100% of the selling price of my book for any sales that I make in the month of January. I currently have stock of 500 books for this and hope to sell them all. The price will be $27.25 (excluding tax which is only payable in Australia). There is also a small amount to cover shipping. Selling them all means a donation of $13,625 but that is not all – On Monday or Tuesday next week I am going to be announcing a special auction of a number of “built for you” websites and membership sites – again with 100% of all proceeds going to the Queensland Government official flood relief fund.

So, I would like you to help in two ways. The first way is to buy the book. The second thing though I need help with is to spread the word. If you have a list of people who you think would like to help then please forward this email to them. They could be your friends, clients or associates. Most people would like to find a way to help.

To buy the book just go to the following link. The book will be delivered within one to two weeks.

Thanks very much for your help. Together we will make a difference


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