I need your help.

As you know from my email last week I have been trying to raise funds for the people affected by the Australian Floods. One of the things I am doing is donating 100% of any sales I make in January of my new book.

The next thing I was going to do was auction a “Done For You” Premium Website. I have put that project on hold though because a few days ago, my Queensland-based friends Andrew and Daryl Grant contacted me (and a bunch of other Australian and overseas internet marketers) to see what we could do to help out with the awful Queensland flood situation.

Although Andrew and Daryl were not directly affected, many of their friends, colleagues and customers throughout Queensland were. Many people have lost friends, homes, possessions and businesses, and they are emotionally, physically and financially wrecked.

So we decided to pool our internet marketing skills and launch the Internet Marketers Queensland Flood Appeal to raise as much money as possible for people who’ve been affected, so they can get their lives back on track as quickly as possible.

Before we reveal more about our unique campaign, here’s a few facts about the floods you may find difficult to comprehend.

  • The flooding has covered an area the size of France and Germany COMBINED – so you can only imagine the devastation.
  • Weeks of torrential rains have been delivering the equivalent of a massive two “Sydney Harbours” of water into the main Wivenhoe Dam daily.
  • At the height of the event, the Wivenhoe Dam was forced to release the equivalent of up to 9,000 swimming pools per second – unfortunately contributing to the flooding downstream in capital city Brisbane!
  • Around 40,000 homes have been flood affected across the State
  • Up to 10,000 homes will need to be demolished leaving thousands homeless
  • So far tragically 20 people have lost their lives in the floods with more still unaccounted for
  • 120,000 homes and businesses were without power for long periods at the height of the crisis and still 20,000 remain unpowered.
  • Initial estimates are that the total damage bill will exceed $10 billion!

So how can you help?

I’m honoured to be part of the team who has contributed an impressive collection of internet and business products, to create the Queensland Flood Internet Business Success Package.

When you donate $47 or more to the official Queensland Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal, you get access to all of the products. Of course we’d be delighted if you would consider donating more!

Simply click on this link – http://www.QueenslandFloodHelp.com – to see full details of our Internet Marketers Appeal and all the wonderful products you will receive in the Queensland Flood Internet Business Success Package.

Follow the two easy steps to help get the people of Queensland back on their feet and to claim your Package, valued at $2,747.

We thank you so much for your support – please do keep an eye on the funds raised tally and flood stories on the blog at http://www.QueenslandFloodHelp.com

Enjoy the journey.


PS. You can help even more by letting people know about this post. Together, if we can make this message go viral – we can have a huge impact on the lives of so many.

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