I have personally met both of these guys and have been to a number of their seminars. Andrew and Daryl live on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. They derive a significant income (read millions) from their activities on the Internet. In a past life they were both Management Consultants and this shines out in the way they operate their Internet business. Of all the seminars I have ever been to, Andrew & Daryl’s are by far the best for step by step instructions and for great content.

These seminars are great if you are a completely new to Internet Marketing but are equally useful if you are experienced. Their use of solid business techniques are well worth emulating.

In my opinion attending a seminar with Andrew & Daryl Grant is a mandatory first step towards fulfilling that dream of running a successful Internet Based Business. Tickets are usually $1,997 for the four days but because of your association with me you can get them for $197. You should also know that 100% of the money goes to charity. Neither the Grants nor I get a cent from the ticket price. If you are interested in going here are the dates:

The dates for the workshops are

  1. Workshop 2: 12-15 June 2009 at Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Club in Sydney
    (click here for map)
  2. Workshop 3: 11-14 September 2009 at the Bell City Event Centre, Preston in Melbourne
    (click here for map)

So here’s what you need to do now. You need to click here and reserve your place at one of the workshops ASAP.

Enjoy the Journey.


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