Most businesses would rank their client list as one of their most valuable assets. Isn’t it amazing then that many of them do such a poor job of managing this important asset.

The Barrier of Trust

The biggest barrier to making a new sale is trust. To become a client a person must first find out about you and your company. They then must learn enough about you and build up enough confidence to engage your services or buy your products. Once they put money on the table, they evaluate the value that they have received in exchange and at that point they make a decision of whether or not they trust you enough to do business again.

Compare this to an existing client with whom you already have that trust. Selling to these people is so much easier because they already know you and trust that you are going to provide them with great value in exchange for their money. It is often said that it is 80% easier to sell to an existing client than it is to a brand new prospect.

Prospects buy when they are ready to buy not when you are ready to sell

The other thing to understand is that even once you have overcome the trust issue, people will only buy once they are ready to. You cannot control the events in their life so what you need to do is provide them with enough valuable contact that when they are ready to buy they immediately think of your products or services first.. Read More→

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