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Your Idea for a Great Internet Marketing Campaign Will Remain Just an Idea
Without a Solid Understanding of the Technical Requirements


Hi and welcome to this web site. My Name is Mark Buhagiar. You know whilst the above is true, the opposite is also true. Having all the technical skills in the world and none of the marketing will also see you doomed to failure.

I have been in the IT, Internet and Business Systems business for over 21 years. In addition to being a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, I am a Systems Analyst / Programmer and have been certified to implement a number of Enterprise Level business systems. In short I am a relatively technical person.

Having owned a number of successful IT based businesses my role has always been a mixture of Technical, Management and Marketing. Being able to grow my businesses in what is a very competitive market has required me to constantly learn and to constantly broaden my knowledge and my skill base.

Do You Suffer From The Internet Marketing “Technical Gap”? Are You Sick to Death of Going Around in Circles?

Over the last four years or so I have attended a large number of “Internet Marketing” seminars. Some I have paid for whilst with others I was invited to go along.

The one thing that I noticed is that 75% of the presenters and over 90% of the attendees are not technical. As I am sure you will realize this is a good thing because it means with the right coaching almost anyone with a bit of enthusiasm and determination can make a substantial income from marketing on the internet.

But the reality is different. You turn up at a great seminar, full of brilliant ideas that you know work. You go home full of enthusiasm determined to get things done this time around. A new idea and a new project. You put in the hard yards trying to learn the system. You do make some progress until wham ! You have once again run into the proverbial “technical road block”. Wasted hundreds of hours trying to learn the ropes and finally you give up in frustration.

A couple of months or so later you attend another seminar and the painful cycle begins again.

Well Why Not Forget About it All and Just Outsource?

This is a really good idea and something that you should aspire to doing. After all, most of the presenters have done exactly that. Their way to overcome the technical issues has been to outsource anything that can be repeated in a standard and consistent manner. As a result they are now making a nice living and all they have to do is manage a team of people scattered around the world to do the work for them.

The downside though, for the rest of us, is that you need to need to know what it is that you want to outsource. You need to know the steps, you need to have done them and you need to be able to repeat them in a standard and consistent manner.

If you outsource blindly then you are leaving the results in the lap of the gods and you certainly are not going to get a consistent result each time. It is also most likely going to cost you more. How well do you think you will do negotiating the outsourcing of a task that you know little to nothing about? Outsourcing whilst you are learning is just plain expensive and prone to error.

Fair Enough But How do I Get the Right Training?

This is where I saw that I could make a difference. I have created a number of high value training videos. Not only do they just cover the technical aspects of Internet Marketing but will also help you with the Marketing and when you are ready, the outsourcing. Here is a partial list of what is currently available:

Creating your Own Self Hosted WordPress Blog

Upgrading a Self Hosted WordPress Blog

Using the Google Keyword Tool to Find and Register a Great Domain – You will be amazed at how easy this is!

Installing and using an FTP Client

Creating a Simple Web Page with Dreamweaver

Creating Audio Products with Audacity

Converting Video Files to Flash

Creating Products using Camtasia

Installing Google Analytics on to a Website

Installing Google Analytics on to a WordPress Blog

cPanel – A Guided Tour

Basic Troubleshooting for Networks and the Internet

Using Skype to Create Audio Products

How to Record Conference Calls

Buying a Video Camera and Exactly the Right Cables

Lots More ….

Naturally I also cover a number of the marketing concepts. All the technical skills in the world are not going to help you without a good grounding in the marketing fundamentals. Here is a list of marketing based training that are being generated for you right now:

The Dark Art of Using Google Adwords – 10 Rules You Must Follow

7 Steps to Effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Affiliate Marketing – Make a Fortune Without a Product!

How to Find and Add Content to a Blog

Techniques on Effective Video Communication – Sample Scripts Included

Working Out the Lifetime Value of a Client

Mind Mapping Your Way to Effective Product Creation

Using Social Media to Drive Traffic

Article Marketing – Driving Links to Your Site

How to Go About Writing and Publishing an Article, an eBook or even a Physical Book

17 Point Check list To Creating Membership Sites and How to Make them Work

Retaining Your Clients – Giving Massive Value in 7 Easy Steps

Lots More….

It’s Time That We Helped Each Other and Get Ourselves a Piece of this Pie

As opposed to normal marketing, where there are little to no technical requirements, Marketing on the Internet is substantially more complicated. This is especially true when you are first starting out.

Your ability to deliver your marketing message hinges on your ability to get around the technical aspects.

This site is much more than a membership. Our aim is to actively help you through the difficult aspects of Internet Marketing. I have been doing this in one form or another for over twenty years with all aspects of computing.

Not only does membership entitles you to full access of all the resources at this site, but you also have access to a support forum which allows you to ask questions and get specific answers. And when things get really tough, we have a facility in house which allows us, with your permission to, be able to take over your computer and show you step by step through any issue you may be having. We can do this with PCs, Macs and even Linux based computers.

In short we want you to come to us for all of your technical requirements.

Marketing – Step by Step Advice

Your ability to make money on the Internet (or anywhere else for that matter), lives and dies on your ability to market.

It is not good enough to just get the technical aspects right. Your marketing message must inspire your prospects to take action and buy your products.

That is why this site also has a lot of marketing related advice within it. It also has step by step instructions on how to build products that
your client’s will love to have.

And Let’s Not Forget the Bricks and Mortar

I know a number of you have established businesses that have been operating for a while in the so called “real world”. The challenge today is how to get these business and “put“them on the Internet. We have been supporting businesses for over twenty years. Over five years ago we set up the system that is used by Last (Last Minute is owned by For them we integrated their existing online presence (the website where you book your hotel) and built the systems that automated the entire back end transaction stream to their business software (which we also put in).

What this means for them is every time you book a hotel on line their system instantly knows that that transaction has happened. It automatically generates the back end journals so that they know how much they owe the hotel and how much the credit card company owes them. Not only that but it also automatically generates and emails the Recipient Created Tax Invoices and reconciles the data from the credit card clearing company. This is a real case of a “Bricks and Mortar” business which has levered the power of the Internet to allow them to scale far beyond what they would otherwise be able to do.

For you, membership gives you access to highly skilled technical people who know how all of these things work. The difference between us and others is that we also understand the marketing implications of our technical solutions. Your “Bricks and Mortar” business can make you a lot of money if you utilize the immense leveraged power of the Internet.

So, How Much is This All Going to Cost?

I know many of you are thinking to yourself, “how much is this all going to cost?” After all to create a personalized training video would normally cost you hundreds of dollars. There are many examples on the internet of an information video selling for $197. In fact Armand Morin in his latest Internet Marketing Newsletter said that “$197 is the NEW $97? Imagine then how much it would cost for 10, 20, 30, or even 50 videos. This suite of training material would easily be worth thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars.

The short answer is that for those people who sign up in the initial building phase of this project it will be just $47 per month. Once the site has matured then the fee will be $97 per month. By the way that is another thing I will be teaching you how to do, and that is how to apply for Merchant facilities, both in local and overseas currencies.

As I said before I will need your help in two ways. The first way is as I have already explained, I want your ideas on good topics for the training material and secondly if you like what you see then I would like you to recommend as many people as possible to this site. The more people that become involved the better this site will become.

“Your Best Next Step” – Are You Ready to Take Action?

Finally and most importantly, I need you to take action. I want you to start making money on the internet today. The main reason that this is important is that I know that once you take action you will have better and more in depth questions. You see learning is a cumulative process.

The more you know the easier it is to learn because you have a base from which to understand new concepts.

I would like you to partner with me. You can do this by joining this membership site. Here are some of the benefits:

Instant Access to the vast training resources in the membership site

Access to all future online training resources – This site will never stop growing

Access to an online forum just for members which will allow you to ask questions and get answers in real time

Step – by – Step Training emails

Naturally if you are not 100% satisfied then you can unsubscribe at any time. There won’t be any hard feeling. We will just part as friends.

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