Most businesses would rank their client list as one of their most valuable assets. Isn’t it amazing then that many of them do such a poor job of managing this important asset.

The Barrier of Trust

The biggest barrier to making a new sale is trust. To become a client a person must first find out about you and your company. They then must learn enough about you and build up enough confidence to engage your services or buy your products. Once they put money on the table, they evaluate the value that they have received in exchange and at that point they make a decision of whether or not they trust you enough to do business again.

Compare this to an existing client with whom you already have that trust. Selling to these people is so much easier because they already know you and trust that you are going to provide them with great value in exchange for their money. It is often said that it is 80% easier to sell to an existing client than it is to a brand new prospect.

Prospects buy when they are ready to buy not when you are ready to sell

The other thing to understand is that even once you have overcome the trust issue, people will only buy once they are ready to. You cannot control the events in their life so what you need to do is provide them with enough valuable contact that when they are ready to buy they immediately think of your products or services first..

The problem for most companies is this follow up is difficult for most people to do consistently. It requires a very dedicated person to remember to follow up with prospects week after week and it usually means juggling a number of systems to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Your List as the Authority

A better way to manage your list is to have your list become the authority. Wouldn’t it be good if you could just open one piece of software, find a person on your list, tick a box and automatically have that person become a member of your customer only website? Better still, what if a person could fill out a form or click a buy now button at your site, and as a result your list took care of the payment details, the scheduling of future emails to the person and the creation of a password to allow them to access the members area? How about if that person visited as a result of a recommendation from an affiliate? You would want that software to automatically record that transaction against your affiliate’s record.

Well, this is a system that I personally prefer as it makes one system the authority of your business information. To do this you need software that has been built from the ground up with this strategy in mind. One such package is called Infusionsoft and I use it inside my business. Infusionsoft is a top-end-of-town package. Unlike AWeber, which is only an auto-responder, Infusionsoft is a total business system. It includes a rules based auto-responder, a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, multi-currency e-commerce facilities and an affiliate module all rolled into the one system.

Bringing All Your Systems into One

As you would expect, this one piece of software will replace many diverse pieces of your online software requirements. The great thing is that, as a result, all these systems will be automatically integrated for you. The downside to Infusionsoft is that, as a large comprehensive system, it does require some setup initially and it is often worthwhile getting some help with this. Once set up, though, it is easy to use and many of your business tasks will start happen automatically.

This makes it very easy to follow up with prospects and clients as much of the follow up is automated. For me, having the one system, which handles all of my internet marketing requirements, is invaluable.

Manage Multiple Projects and Business Units

Being a system that was designed specifically for businesses and internet marketers, it is easy to use Infusionsoft for multiple projects, each with their own separate look and feel. For starters, it uses a system of tags. Each person on your list can be allocated as many tags as you like. For instance, you could tag a person with the name of the website that they opted in at. You could also tag them as having shown an interest in a particular product.

You can also customise the look and feel of your web forms, shopping carts and order forms. You can have an unlimited number of forms and shopping carts and each one can be made to look totally different from the other. In practice what you do is create templates specifically for a particular website. Then when you want a new web form, order form or shopping cart for that site, it is a simple matter to give it the same look and feel as the main site. The client would have no idea that two very different sites are being linked back to the one back end database.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Another nice thing about Infusionsoft is that you can have multiple payment gateways. I have two, one in Australian dollars and the other in American dollars. It would be an easy matter to also have one in Euros if I wanted to. The good thing about this is, if I know a site is going to service a predominantly Australian clientele, I am able to charge in Australia dollars. On the other hand, for Americans, Asians or Europeans, I tend to use US dollars. Matching the currency, to the one your client is used to, gives them more confidence to buy and hence you will end up selling more.

A CRM on Steroids

The real power of Infusionsoft is that it is first and foremost a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. Being able to record all dealings you have with your client makes it easier to interact with them in the future. It allows you to develop that relationship on a more personal level. Aside from the normal contact details, which are extensive, this module allows you to log all email for a particular client against that client. You can store files against that client record, see what tags, notes, tasks or follow up sequences you have associated with them. You can even add extra fields and store custom information.

Outlook Integration

The funny thing is, nowadays, I hardly ever log into the Infusionsoft website. I tend to do most of my things inside Microsoft Outlook. Infusionsoft includes a Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook which automatically looks up and shows you the details of a person, inside Outlook. As you click on an email, details of that person are automatically looked up for you, from Infusionsoft, and they are displayed in a convenient panel within Outlook. It is very easy to look up people, add tasks, notes, tags, and basically do whatever you want, all from within Outlook.

Getting Others to Grow Your Business

Finally, Infusionsoft also has an Affiliate module built in, which adds another integrated tool to your Internet Marketing business. Even if you are a traditional business moving some of your business online, the affiliate module can be a great way to incentivise your staff, clients and suppliers to recommend your business.

See for Yourself – Join Us on a Webinar

You can see why I, as a systems person, really like the power of Infusionsoft. Next Wednesday, 22nd June at 9am Australian Eastern Standard Time, I will be running a Webinar on Infusionsoft. Joining me will be a member of the Infusionsoft Team direct from the US.

To join the webinar all you need is access to a computer with internet access and the ability to hear audio. Just click on the following link and register for the event. Because of potential bandwidth issues we are limiting the number of places to just 60 so we will be allocating places on a first come first served basis. Even if you cannot make it on the day, register anyway because we will send you a recording of the event.

(Webinar Recording)

If you want to get a  head start, you can download a great little report entitled  “The Edge of Success: 9 Building Blocks to Double Your Sales“. It is free and will give you an insight on what is possible.

Enjoy the Journey.

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