Membership Sites

A membership site is a great way to build a passive income strategy whilst at the same time also being an excellent vehicle for businesses to engender loyalty and reduce staff workload.

As you may know I have written a book on membership sites and it was while I was researching the book that I really started to see just how useful a membership site can really be.

Internet Marketers love them because they are a sell once, reap many times over strategy. With the right content and a couple of techniques you can keep your members for on average between six and nine months. Instead of constantly looking for new clients you can focus part of your efforts on selling more to existing ones. Your membership site is an excellent vehicle to build trust and loyalty in you or your brand.

This is exactly the same reason why businesses should also have a member’s area. It allows you to communicate with your clients more regularly. It also helps reduce the workload on your staff because many of the day to day questions can be answered in advance within your member’s area.
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