Recently I had a question from an associate regarding her website . It soon became apparent from the conversation, that she did not really understand how websites worked, what hosting was and what DNS was. I thought about it a bit and came to the conclusion that most people, like her, would not fully understand what is required so I thought I would write a blog post to explain it.

Today’s modern businesses have started the move to cloud based services for many mission critical functions. More and more are starting to use services like hosted Exchange servers, hosted databases, Cloud based computing and so on. What most people don’t realise is that all of these services rely of DNS to be found and connected to.

What is DNS I hear you say? Isn’t that just part of my website?

A bit of background first. Did you know that all website actually rely on two different types of hosting?

The one that most people know about is the hosting of the website. Effectively this is a server connected to the internet which holds the files for your website. The is known as web hosting. Typically that server will be running some sort of website hosting software such as Apache or Microsoft Internet Information Services. The files that make up your website can be coded in a variety of languages. You may have heard of things like HTML, PHP, ASP.Net and so on. Read More→

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