It constantly amazes me how much people have to put up with when it comes to email.

Now I am not talking about spam and viruses which we all know are the bane of our existence but what about the simple basic functionality that we have to live with just to stay in touch. The reality is that we have gotten so used to having to deal with spam, we have not looked at improving the service that underlies what must be our biggest communication channel and business tool.

The Nightmare of Travel

If you have ever had to travel, be it for work or for pleasure, it becomes a nightmare trying to send emails when we are plugged in to a network that is not our own. Sure you can receive email but what about sending it. If you use a standard email account then the security systems in these hotels and resorts will actively block your outgoing mail.

Now you can’t really blame them. They block you because they want to stop somebody form high jacking their connection and using it to send Spam. So we get on the phone and speak to the tech support people who tell us that we need to change our outgoing mail server (SMTP) settings. And just before they put the phone down they say “and don’t forget to put the old settings back again once you get home” – what were they again???. Read More→

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