YouTube is a great resource. You can upload as many videos as you like, store then for as long as you like and have them available on demand to show to people whenever you like. It is also exceptionally good when used as a strategy to optimize traffic to a website. Aside from the fact that YouTube is free to use, Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short is one of the main reasons to use it. Google owns YouTube and believes “new” videos on YouTube are worth their weight in gold. As a result, links embedded in the YouTube Description that point to a website, increase the significance of that website in Google’s eyes and as a result ranks it higher up in Google’s natural search results.

There are times though when you do not or cannot use YouTube to host your video. YouTube limits the length of videos to 10 minutes and 1Gb in size. If your video is longer or larger that this then you have to host your file elsewhere. There are also occasions when you want to keep the content private for a small select group of people. These could be people who subscribe to your membership site or people who have bought a product which includes a video component. Either way you now have to host your files somewhere else.

These are the steps that I use when I want to do that:

  1. I shoot the video with my Video Camera or Web Cam.
  2. I then edit it inside Windows Movie Maker The resultant file is a .WMV file
  3. I then use a program called Web4Video Converter by Moyea ( to convert the file to .FLV (Flash Format). You can download the program for free.
  4. I then upload the file to a video hosting site. Here are a couple of hosting sites:
  5. Once the file is uploaded, like YouTube, you get some code to embed into your webpage and you are running.

Enjoy the journey.


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