On Tuesday the 19th of May 2009 Eben Pagan will be releasing his latest Internet Marketing Home Study guide. As a teaser he has created two products which can be yours for free.

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Eben Pagan Eban is one of the largest Internet Marketers in the world today. Under the different name of David DeAngelo he pioneered the development of information products in the niche of relationship and dating. More recently he has used his experience to teach other people how to market their products on the internet. Eben’s company employs over 80 people and turns over in excess of 20 Million each year. He has a mailing list of over 1 million subscribers in the dating niche alone.

The great thing about Eben is that even if you never spend or intend to spend any money with him, it is still worthwhile subscribing to one of his lists, because you end up getting great information for free. Here are a couple of links promoting his new “Guru Mastermind Home Study Course”. The first one is a 40+ minute video which goes through in detail step by step the elements to make money on line. I have seen the video and here are some of the points from it:

  • A successful System will contain three elements
    • Content Pillar
    • Conversion Pillar
    • Customer Pillar
  • Don’t choose a broad niche – Choose a narrow niche
    • Three question test
      • Is my prospect experiencing pain and urgency or an irrational passion?
        • They only want to spend money when they want to relive pain
        • I want to figure out how to make more money
        • How to get out of debt
        • How to get rid of my fat
      • Is my prospect proactively looking for a solution?
      • Does my prospect have few or no perceived options?
        • The less the better
        • Create a new category where you can be first in
  • If you can get three yes’s then you have found a niche that you can try. The failure rate will fall from 80-90% down to 10-15%.
  • What format are you going to choose?
    • How are you going to package it? – The right package can substantially increase the perceived value.
    • Must have a big bold call to action on a landing page
    • Force people to opt-it
  • Tell people to take action and tell them what they are going to get (spell it out – leave nothing to the imagine)
    • Move the free line – Offer free content – Tips the scale of value
    • Risk Reversal (Jay Abraham)
    • Take the risk away from your client
      • e.g. I am not going to bill you yet – I will bill you in 24 hours and then if you don’t like just send me an email and I will not charge you and you can keep the product.
  • Offer to teach a bunch of great stuff for free in exchange for your opt-in
    • Lead generation Mindset
    • Free Traffic Generation
      • Blogs
      • Videos
      • Social Media – MySpace, Twitter, etc
    • Paid Tools
      • Banner Ads
      • Google PPC
      • Affiliate Programs
  • Start creating some content to give away.
    • What is the biggest problem that my customer is feeing right now?
      • E.g. Credit card debt – How to cut your credit card payments in half
    • Create a one hour video explaining exactly how to do it.
    • Focus it on the one biggest pain area
  • 7 Steps to starting a profitable internet business
    • Make a decision to act to become a modern guru
    • Choose a narrow niche
    • Start a blog or an email newsletter (getresponse.com or icontact.com)
    • Starting content every single day (five days a week)
    • Write a couple of paragraphs on your blog
    • Create the first product
      • Real time – freeconferencecall.com
        • Ask your customers what is you biggest problem or frustration
        • Create a webinar on the points they tell you
      • Set up a shopping cart.
        • Easiest is PayPal
        • 1ShoppingCart
    • Interact with your prospective customers
      • On a one to one basis
      • Coaching calls
      • Coaching in a group
      • Talk live to a prospect at least one 15 minute free coaching session each day.

The second free gift is a special report which comes in the format of a PDF document which is entitled “Marketing Voodoo” which also has a large amount of free information.

In both cases you are going to have to opt-in to get the information, but as I said before this is not a bad thing considering all the valuable stuff you will end up getting.

Anyway, I recommend that you have a look at them yourself.

  • Click here for the free Video
  • Click here for the free “Voodoo Marketing” report.

Let me know what you think.

Enjoy the Journey.


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